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Keep Climbing to the Top

Keep Climbing to the Top

I sometimes wonder, perhaps as we all do, where life would have taken me had I made different choices. Then, quickly following that thought is all the things I would have missed out on in life had I not made those exact choices. My conclusion, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that is okay…for now.

On April 16, 1986, fifteen days after my 17th birthday and my first year as a teenage mother I wrote this poem:

The Tower of Goal

In my mind there is a tower

Reaching high above all else.

And next to it is a ladder

that which I must climb myself.

Upon the rungs of this ladder

are obstacles to make me ail.

But I’ll keep climbing,

I’ll reach the top.

No, I must not fail.

For in my mind, upon the tower

there is a person I see

and when I reach the top,

I’ll find that person is me!

I am still climbing that ladder. I still see myself standing at the top of it. I just keep going. Undaunted. Committed to succeed.