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Speechless…that’s how you make me feel


It’s a bittersweet moment in time.

I’m in a salted caramel state of mind.

Chocolate drizzle running down my face.

Feeling helpless about stating my case.

Words fall melted from my mouth.

Pools of verbiage flowing out.

Sticky, chewy…pulling at my teeth

Shattered sentences lay at my feet.



My husband and I spent time at the beach the other day. He walked out towards the shoreline and looked out over the water. I watched him for awhile, then he turned and beckoned me to come stand with him.  As I stood by his side, he told me to close my eyes and just feel the power of the ocean.  We are such a small part of this world. We should take in every single opportunity we have, to reflect and appreciate the beauty and magic that is life.  #YOLO

Live life for the moments, take it all in.

For one day, yes one day, life will surely end.

But the beauty of the NOW,

the memories that we make, will linger long after,

we’ve drifted from this place.

Live life for the moments…the magic is in the NOW.

-Angela (7/8/17)